Specialized Science 12 – Draft Curriculum

About Specialized Science 12:

Feedback in the last round was supportive of providing more flexibility for other science learning opportunities within all areas of science. The response to this has been the creation of a 5-module course from which teachers may choose a minimum of 2 modules to create a specialized science course.

Specialized Science 12 is proposed as an innovative science course that will allow students to deepen their understanding of a specialty science field (e.g., Astronomy, Agriculture, Biochemistry, Health Science, Sustainable Fishing, etc.).

The course proposal suggests an integration of a minimum of 2 modules from different areas of Science–Environmental Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Earth and Space–for specialized science learning.

A draft of the course is provided along with examples of what this could look like for Astronomy and Sustainable Fishing.

Specialized Science 12 – Draft – June 2017

Specialized Science 12 – Astronomy Example – June 2017
Specialized Science 12 – Sustainable Fishing Example – June 2017

Feedback: Specialized Science 12 Feedback Form