Physics 11-12 Curriculum for Review

About Physics 11 and 12:

As with Chemistry, significant feedback has been received on Physics courses. The feedback highlighted the need to:

  • Reduce content and create ‘white space’ with flexibility and room for inquiry
  • Address balance of topics between grades 11 and 12
  • Address choice modules which were seen as creating gaps in student learning
  • Rethink the division of 1-D and 2-D as this was seen as ineffective
  • Ensure that topics between grades are not repetitious

The June 2017 Physics drafts respond to this feedback and all modules included are proposed as required for all students. Content has been reduced, restructured and balanced between grades to allow for further ‘white space’.

Physics 11 – Draft Curriculum – June 2017
Physics 11 FORMULAE June 9 2017

Physics 12 – Draft Curriculum – June 2017
Physics 12 – Draft Formulae Sheet – June 2017

Feedback: Physics 11/12 Feedback Form