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Using Case Study Assessments

Guest Blog by Brenda Moore and Kent Rockwell Kent and Brenda currently teach science at Alpha Secondary in Burnaby, BC. Kent teaches junior science and Chemistry. He is very interested in new possibilities for assessment and hands on ways to…

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DIY Microscope Opens Up Possibilities

Guest Blog by Kevin Yapps. Kevin has taught in various Science settings. His current role is teaching French Immersion Sciences as well as a combined French Science-Math option at WL Seaton Secondary Vernon, BC. Kevin is an avid tinkerer and maker…

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Teaching Literacy is an Important Part of Science… or any Class

Guest Blog by Rhiannon Johnson. Rhiannon has taught in various Science settings. Her current role is collaboratively teaching in a middle school model at Charles Bloom Secondary in Lumby, BC. Rhiannon is a master at incorporating literacy strategies into her Science…

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