Become a BCScTA Member

Benefits of becoming a BCScTA Member

– Join a province wide professional science education community: Membership Network: BCScTA can act as a hub to connect various community partners such as Science World, BC Association of Physics Teachers, and Science Fairs BC etc

-Attend Annual Catalyst Conference: Participate in great workshops and network with colleagues

-Qualify for Roots Grant Funding: Members of the association may apply for grant funding to support their classroom practice. This grant specifically considers applicants interested in collaborating to look at ways they can implement the current curriculum

-Access experienced professional mentors: The BCScTA provides a network of educators that can be utilized for assistance in both informal (response by email to direct questions or concerns), and formal (eg professional development workshop). We are not exactly a 24 hour help line, but we are pretty close. If you have a question or concern, we will do our best to help you out or provide you with some advice on finding the resources you need.

-Advocacy for issues related to classroom practice. The BCScTA can serve as an advocate to address teacher concerns specifically related to science teaching. This could include the need for safety equipment, or appropriate lab space for example. But it might also include issues related to policy or pressure to address topics or content areas that are not specifically included within the realm of scientific investigation.

-Access to resources: Currently we host a website and use social media to stay connected with our members and to provide resources. We have deliberately chosen to keep this open and free, but we would not be able to make this available without our membership. This is therefore is an indirect benefit of your membership.

-Let us know your needs…what would you want out of a membership. We are always on the lookout for new ways to benefit our members. Let us know. Your idea could be a perfect new direction for us to explore.

Just so you know we have made a purposeful decision to limit the number of correspondences that we send your way. This is simply because we believe that teachers get enough email bombardment already and we did not want to add any more. Feel free to stay connected through our social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or our Website Blog and of course contact us directly by email as well.

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