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Science 10-12 Curriculum

In the fall of 2017, the Ministry of Education announced a delay in the implementation of the new Grade 10-12 Curriculum until September 2018.

In response to the feedback received to date on grades 10-12 Science Curriculum drafts, the Science 10-12 Curriculum team worked this spring to refine both Physics and Chemistry drafts for grades 11 and 12 and to create a draft for a new modular course, Specialized Science 12.

These new drafts are currently only available on the BCScTA website. Below you will find the following drafts for your review and feedback:

Physics 11/12

Chemistry 11/12

Specialized Science 12

With respect to Aboriginal knowledge and worldviews, the feedback received to date has indicated that more support is required for Aboriginal knowledge and worldviews in all science courses. In building upon the work established in the Science K-9 curriculum, the team has worked on creating content learning standards that could be present in all Science 10-12 courses. The proposed learning standards follow:

Aboriginal knowledge relevant to [ insert area of Science (e.g., Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Environmental Science, Earth Sciences, etc.)]

  • Traditional ecological knowledge
  • Ways of knowing
  • Place-based perspectives

Further work will be required on these learning standards to provide authentic examples of how these concepts might be represented within the senior Science courses. We will continue to work with BC educators and partner groups that hold the Aboriginal knowledge and expertise to create elaborations and provide rich examples of learning opportunities within the curriculum.

The new drafts provided above are an interim response to the feedback received and work to complete revisions and finalize curriculum will begin in fall 2017.

To ensure that the curriculum reflects the broad range of opinions of BC teachers, we request your feedback on these new Science drafts as well as on all other Science curriculum drafts posted on the Ministry of Education website.

The Science 10-12 Curriculum team thanks you in advance for your constructive feedback as work continues towards finalizing the Science 10-12 Curriculum.

Curriculum Comparison Guide

The Ministry of Education released in, April 2017, a Curriculum Comparison Guide comparing the old curriculum documents to the new ones: Curriculum Comparison

Final Version – New K-9 Science Curriculum

The final version of the new K-9 Science Curriculum has been completed.

The Ministry of Education has posted the finalized curriculum for Kindergarten to Grade 9 to their Curriculum Website.

We have also posted the 4-column PDF version to our website: New K-9 Curriculum

Current Science 10-12 Curriculum

The IRPs for all current 10-12 Science Courses in BC can be found on the
Ministry IRP Website

Other Useful Documents:

Science 10 Student Databook

BC Science Safety Manual